The University of Missouri is launching a new ECHO that will create a community of learning to increase knowledge, skills and confidence in prevention, early identification and care of all individuals with disordered eating and eating disorders. This ECHO’s expert team will meet with participants via online videoconferencing from noon to 1 p.m. the fourth Tuesday of the month. Click here for ECHO flyer. Click below to register.


Goals & Objectives

  • Realize prevalence and presentation of disordered eating and eating disorders in all bodies inclusive of all identity characteristics, including but not limited to: age, size, race, ethnicity, ability level, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Recognize early signs, clinical features, etiology and complexity of disordered eating and eating disorders.
  • Respond through forming community partnerships and providing treatment in a team-based approach.
  • Resist stigma and promote the empowerment and well-being of others by using a trauma informed and culturally humble approach to communicate about weight and health.

What Does This ECHO Offer?

  • No cost continuing education for providers
  • Collaboration, support and ongoing learning with eating disorder specialists
  • Better community-based care for patients
  • No cost to participating sites or individuals

Topics for Case-Based Learning and Discussion

Click here for complete curriculum schedule.

Meet The Expert Team

Stephanie Bagby-Stone, MD, DFAPA, CEDS-S, Psychiatrist, University of Missouri

Ginger Meyer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, Registered Dietitian, Sports Dietetics, University of Missouri

Rebekah Freese, PhD, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker, Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute

Melissa Lawson, MD, FAAP, Adolescent Medicine Physician, University of Missouri

Beth Shoyer, PhD, Psychologist, University of Missouri Counseling Center

Amy Beck, PhD, RYT200, Pediatric Psychologist, Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Jenny Copeland, PsyD, Psychologist, Freeman Health System

Beth Harrell, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD-S, Registered Dietitian, Private Practice/Independent Contractor

Caroline Rudnick, MD, PhD, CEDS, Family Medicine Physician, McCallum Place

Beth Monson, Advocate, University of Missouri