Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Framework


Join ECHO MTSS to increase your school’s capacity to enhance student achievement

Get expert MTSS knowledge in a virtual learning network with the University of Missouri College of Education, as well as leaders and specialists from throughout the state of Missouri.

Learn about best practices and evidence-based care and increase:

  • Understanding and use of evidence-based practices and assessments
  • Fidelity to the MTSS process



Project ECHO revolutionizes education through virtual learning. The heart of the ECHO model is its hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing network, led by expert teams who use videoconferencing to conduct virtual sessions with educators across the state.

ECHO MTSS provides support for elementary school educators, district and school leadership teams, and other school-based teams who are interested in MTSS, including Problem Solving teams, CARE teams, PLC teams and TAT teams. By connecting elementary education teams to experts, barriers to specialized knowledge are removed and outcomes are improved.

What Does ECHO MTSS Offer?

  • Technology to leverage scarce resources
  • No cost to participating sites or individuals
  • Collaboration, support and ongoing learning with experts and other school teams
  • The opportunity to present a case and get feedback from other educators around the state
  • Networking with other educators around the state

How Does It Work?

  • Join a one-hour online video conference twice per month
  • Participants need access to internet, webcam and a microphone
  • Discuss and share:
    • A brief educational presentation by the ECHO MTSS panel
    • Case presentations by school participants and discussion
    • Case recommendations made by participants and the ECHO panel
  • Complete evaluation of ECHO programming

Curriculum Topics for Case-based Learning and Discussion:

  • Introduction to ECHO MTSS
  • Universal screeners
  • Dyslexia
  • Data collection, management and decision making
  • Progress monitoring
  • Interventions—selection, implementation, intensification
  • Meetings/process
  • Fidelity
  • Determining tiers
  • Tier 1 and class-wide interventions
  • Special education eligibility through MTSS

Target Audience

  • Elementary school level
  • District leadership teams
  • School leadership teams
  • Educators interested in MTSS who serve on applicable school-based teams (i.e. Problem Solving team, CARE team, PLC, TAT team)

Meet the Expert Team

Matt Burns, Faculty Member, University of Missouri, College of Education

Mindi Crane, Special Education, Teacher, North Kansas City, School District

Shemeicka Green, Instructional Coach, Ferguson-Florissant, School District

Troy Hogg, Principal, Hawthorn Hill Elementary School

Erica Lembke, Faculty Member, University of Missouri, College of Education

Carrie Turner, Director, MO CASE

Jillian Williams, Teacher, Farmington School, District

Mary Anne Wolfmeyer, School Psychologist, Columbia Public, School District