Telemedicine ECHO

The Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (HTRC) and Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN) are offering a Telemedicine ECHO for providers in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The ECHO will be held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 9 to 10 a.m. Sessions will offer a brief didactic opening, followed by a question-and-answer period that will address such topics as reimbursement, operations, regulations, best practices and more. Click here to download the ECHO flyer. Click below to register.


How Does It Work?

Participants will join a team of experts in cased-based learning via interactive online videoconferences. Together, they will collaborate in increasing knowledge about the rapidly evolving field of telemedicine. Providers with rural health centers, federally qualified health centers and critical access hospitals are especially encouraged to participate.

What Does This ECHO Offer?

  • No cost continuing education for professionals
  • Collaboration, support and ongoing learning with telehealth leaders and expert providers
  • Patients get better care in their community
  • No cost to participating sites or individuals

Meet the Expert Team

Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD, FATA, Statewide Director, Kansas Telebehavioral Network, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, University of Kansas, Principal Investigator, Heartland Telehealth Resource Center

Rachel Mutrux, Senior Program Manager, Missouri Telehealth Network, University of Missouri, Heartland Telehealth Resource Center Director for Missouri

Tim Davis, MS, Telemedicine Manager, Oklahoma State University, Heartland Telehealth Resource Center Director for Oklahoma

Janine Gracy, MSE, CHES, CPP, Heartland Telehealth Resource Center Director for Kansas

Karen Edison, MD, Senior Medical Director, Missouri Telehealth Network and Show-Me ECHO, University of Missouri

Kristin Sohl, MD, FAAP, Associate Professor of Child Health, Medical Director, Show-Me ECHO, University of Missouri

Robert Stiles, MA, MPH, Program Manager, University of Kansas

Session Recordings

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-14-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-15-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-21-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-22-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-28-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 4-29-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 5-5-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 5-12-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 5-19-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 6-2-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 6-9-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 6-16-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 6-23-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 6-30-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 7-14-2020

Telemedicine ECHO Session: 7-28-2020