Increasing Knowledge and Practices for Creating and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Schools

Trauma-Informed Schools

The University of Missouri’s Trauma-Informed Schools ECHO will be held from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month. Click here to download ECHO flyer. Click below to register for Trauma-Informed Schools ECHO sessions.


How Does It Work?

Participants will join an interactive online video conference twice per month. They will share and discuss cases related to such topics as: self-care practices, adverse childhood experiences, assessment methods, brain-based research, brain development, classroom strategies, discipline, wellness, equity as it relates to trauma-informed schools, funding issues, community outreach, collaborating with school system colleagues, evaluation and action planning.

What Does This ECHO Offer?

  • No cost continuing education for professionals
  • Collaboration, support and ongoing learning with specialist educators and other experts
  • Students get better care in their community
  • No cost to participating sites or individuals

Goals and Objectives

The Trauma-Informed Schools ECHO will use the Missouri Model as a guide to help participants:

  • Realize the widespread impact of trauma.
  • Recognize the signs, symptoms and impact of trauma, as well as paths to recovery.
  • Respond by integrating knowledge into practice, using the Missouri Model as a guide.
  • Resist re-traumatizing individuals.

Topics for Care-Based Learning Include:

  • Self-Care
  • ACEs and Pair of ACEs
  • Assessment
  • Brain-Based Research
  • Brain Development
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Discipline
  • Wellness
  • Equity
  • Funding
  • Community Outreach
  • Collaborating With Colleagues
  • Evaluation
  • Action Planning

Meet the Expert Team

Aaron Knipmeyer, EdS, District Administrator (Rural), Lafayette County C-1 School District, Higginsville

Kellie Willis, EdS, School Counselor, University City School District, Brittany Woods Middle School

Nicky Bennett, LMSW, Social Worker, Lexington R-V School District

Amy Escott, MS, LPC, Program Trainer, Children’s Advocacy Services

Beth Love, MS, Elementary Principal, Harrisonville School District

Cecilia Belser-Patton, MFA, Equity and Social & Emotional Learning Specialist, Alive and Well Communities

Megan Marietta, MSW, LCSW District Administrator (Urban) St. Louis Public