Enhancing Knowledge, Efficacy and Practices for Educators

The new Cultivating Positive Classroom Climate – High School ECHO supports teachers and administrators serving the 9th-12th grades. An expert team will guide high school educators toward building stronger student-teacher relationships, promoting student prosocial behavior, enhancing student sense of belonging, and increasing student engagement in learning. This ECHO’s interactive and collaborative online learning sessions will be held the first Wednesday of each month from 4-5 p.m. Click here to download ECHO flyer. Click below to register.


What Does This ECHO Offer?

  • Educators will gain skills that reduce burnout and feel greater efficacy for developing a positive learning environment
  • Collaborative peer learning through ECHO’s “All Teach, All Learn” model
  • No cost to participating sites and individuals

Topics for Learning and Discussion

  • Praise for Positive Behavior
  • Support the Emotional Needs of Students
  • Positive Emotions in the Classroom
  • Use of Effective Discipline
  • How to Cultivate a Classroom Community
  • Positive Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Connect Students to School
  • Affective Engagement
  • Student Voice/Leadership

Click here for complete curriculum schedule.

Meet The Expert Team

Christi Bergin, EdS, PhD, Lead Facilitator/Researcher

Lindsay Brockmeier, MA, School Counselor, University of Missouri

Carolyn Barber, PhD, Researcher/Youth Social Development, University of Missouri – Kansas City

Darrion Cockrell, BS, Teacher, Lindbergh School District

Jennifer Foster, MS, EdS, Instructional Specialist, University of Missouri

Dan Gordon, EdD, Administrator/Principal, Northwest Missouri State University